Juan A. Fernández AEC / VP Spanish Society of Cinematographers AEC, member Imago International Federation of Cinematographers Technical Committee- CoChairman of Imago’s Optics Coucil / Sony ICE (Cinematographer, Director of afilm International Film Workshops, Producer), born in Oviedo, Spain, has worked in Los Angeles and throughout Spain, including several years at Panavision Hollywood.  A designer of specialty film equipment, his area of expertise includes high speed, underwater, vfx and stereoscopic cinematography, as well as teaching cinema (UCLA Extension, University Pompeu Fabra, ESCAC).

He’s shot Spain’s first 3D stereoscopic music video for Spanish artist Pastora and the first live broadcast in 3D of an opera with the New York Met at the Lyceo in Barcelona.  His feature film cinematography credits include 8 feature film Sitges International Film Festival premiers, including Nocturnia, Arkadia, Leaving Hotel Romantic, The Afterglow, The Forsaken, Hunger Diaries,  The Supers! and Shattered Fragments.  His most recent feature, The Odd Perspective , winner, Best Neo Noir Thriller award at Los Angeles Crime Story Film Festival. The feature The Internationalist is nearing completion, and his latest feature film, The Anarchist’s Dream, is completing post.

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